How SafetiPin makes cities safer? Methodology The safety audits have been generated using two methods. Gaurav Shokeen is a Data Analyst at Safetipin. Mobile app uses data and tech to build safer cities in India and beyond.

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safdtipin The Impact Bar Graph indicates the extent of influence and the relative impact that each parameter has on the perception of safety. Personal Safety System with a Panic Button. She has led research studies on violence against women in public spaces in the city. SafetiPin safety app works to make our communities and cities safer.

‎My Safetipin - Personal Safety on the App Store

The SafetiPin mobile application is an advance Safety Audit tool used by interdisciplinary groups and street harassment advocacy organizations to further their common goals of enhancing safety and ensuring accountability when intervening in cases such as street harassment and bullying.

The locate feature facilitates you in case of any emergency by finding establishments with safety information and safest routes to those. Dr Sohail Husain is Director of Analytica Consulting, a UK-based provider of research and advocacy services on community safety, violence reduction and justice reform.

The audits were conducted post sunset along the major routes of the city.

Mobile phones were mounted on the windshield and using the app photographs of the city roads were taken. This tool enables the management of stakeholder collaborations, provides a benchmark score for the current status of the system, allows for easy simulation to test the impact of intended interventions and acts as a framework for the assessment of safetioin towards agreed outcomes, as well as early indication of both blockages and unexpected opportunities.

The overall feeling of Safety for the city of Bhopal saeftipin rated Below Average.


Its premise is that we need community participation to make our cities safer. There are cities in India where post sunset you see no women on the streets. To be the technology environment through which individuals, communities, researchers, NGOs, government, service providers, can come together to share safwtipin via crowdsourcing and act to make our cities safer. Visibility and Lighting need to be improved in safetipij parts of the city. The photographs were analyzed by a team of coders and reviewed on a daily basis to produce maps of the city.

It is an app compatible with both ioS and Android platforms. First, manual audits were conducted using My Safetipin app.

They can give inputs on an online platform given that they may not have data connectivity. The SafetiPin mobile app's GIS mapping service contains location based tracking feature, enabling people with SafetiPin installed to track you when you want. My SafetiPin is a Personal Safety app that help you to take safer decisions, based on the safety score of an area. She aspires to create impact at scale through the confluence of design and technology. Heat maps are certainly in fashion these days, showing us every safetipjn of map based information like the most popular places for eating, drinking, sightseeing, and pretty much anything that can be tracked.

We hope that SafetiPin will be used for connecting individuals with the community via free crowd sourcing. Check how safe a neighbourhood is, by touching the place on the zafetipin.

The overall feeling of Safety for the city of Bengaluru is rated Below Average. Sum satetipin them are really very useful and some safetkpin so useful.

Lighting has the maximum impact and Transportation the least.

SafetiPin provides information about infrastructure to promote safety for women and other groups, to citizens at large and important stakeholders including the government, NGO's, corporations and RWAs.

First, manual audits were conducted by volunteers using the My Safetipin app at night. We build on the knowledge that the safety audit is a valuable tool in supporting individuals and groups to collect strategic safety data safrtipin understand the environment better and advocate for change.

Tracking Track your loved ones to know they are safe! Ashish Basu is an entrepreneur with interests in education and mobile technologies. You will see sacetipin safety score, for that area. Companies can use SafetiPin to extend safety outside the workplace, by providing information and providing recommendations to employees on transport, places to stay, and even planning routes based on employee locations with the help of our GIS service.

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