May 13, 2018

Just far enough to see that they have moved. Please how can buy this item and can I use for this Laptop. Once again, thank you for creating this web site and taking the time to help out many people you will never even meet. I see how you did all the work. I was a little scared at first because like Patrick my screen would not show so plugged in my memory modules and it worked!!! You can see it on the step 6. Great information, I found the RadioShack part on ebay U.

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BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Remove the top cover and check if the power goes to the motherboard through the DC harness. D instead of the 2.

Hi…What an amazing find!!!! I can hear the fan running. Wondering if you guys can help.

I was searching for a guide to take apart my LD for this exact problem. I talked to a guy i met, says he refurbishes laptops and computers and such. Make sure the touchpad trackpad cable is properly connected to the sxtellite. I had never toshiba satellite p505 my Toshiba Satellite LD apart before. Cheap and easy to do but you lose one Toshiba satellite p505 port.

While using your instructions to install the Radio Shack power jack on a Toshiba Satellite LS that everything went well with one exception. Is it possible my harness section is bad also? Thank you so much for the guide, and the responses in the comments they really helped me figure out any surprise or problem I ran into during these steps.

Where can I buy this DC power jack in Canada? And then a description of how to remove the flex connectors would also have been helpful….

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

I am having saetllite getting the DVD drive out. Computer still would not turn on but that turned out to be the power pack. Read and follow this guide, and it there toshiba satellite p505 problems or surprises you run into, read the comments. Thanks for the guide. I imagine it is something that I left unclipped, but tosniba sticks out at me. Using toshiba satellite p505 excellent instructions I was easily able to replace the dislodged jack with the Radio Shack replacement.

Toshiba Sound / Audio Drivers Download

Try calling Toshiba, should be covered by the warranty. This allows me to revert to the stock jack although with a now threaded hole. The only thing I did different was use a Dremel to shave down the unwanted toshiba satellite p505 backets. I think it also helps to provide better clearance for tosshiba wires.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

All went well, however, removing the top cover is slghtly different. Make p5005 the adapter plug fits tightly into the jack. Ok i finally finished it… was pretty easy considering the fact i never soldered toshiba satellite p505.

Not sure what to do…please help. Order at HDDCADDY We strive for the best customer satisfaction in our products and service, meaning we are committed to fast shipping, in-house quality checking, easy return and a 24h responsive customer service. In my case both, the DC jack and mounting brackets on the base toshiba satellite p505 got broken. The generic jack works fine with the original factory adapter.

I have got an alternative fixing of the toshiba satellite p505 if you cant get the metal toshiba satellite p505. He had never replaced a jack satellihe a different part but we got the piece installed and everything works great.

Mine is broken just as yours. My daughter is in college and needs her laptop on a daily basis. This gives you a very smooth finished hole, not that anyone will see it of course. I will be donating too and I hope that everyone else does.