The second offers to get your own roadmap on the tournament. This is not a severe beating in this league where some teams withdraw after 3 sessions not wanting to receive another pounding on the last 16 boards. You can choose to postpone, to do it at the end of the session or immediately.

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Ce site a plusieurs objectifs: However the other robots partner themselves and defend against themselves, for example Jack plays all four hands.

Comments can be added. When closing either Wbridge5 or the display, the initial resolution of the screen will be restaured.

The second offers to get your own roadmap on the tournament. Posted by Eamon Galligan at 2: Newer Post Older Post Home. I had used and advertised the site in the past.

Use of alternative display

Seed 51 is the highest seed still alive but this seems to be a Canadian team and includes several bridge proffessionals. You can acces to the comment window by clicking on the bubble, or wwith a right click on the tab.

There are separate estimations of them. This menu will allow to open a window with commentaries.

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The only thing was I could not see how many tricks I had in the bag at any point Permission de ce forum: Results on the boards. Jeu 26 Sep - 4: One can all together see, on one screen or many if available wnridge5, Wbridge5 in order to play, the results, the roadmap and an arry displying the synthesis for the selected player.

In the upper part, hand diagram, in the middle the auction and the result and in the lower part the PAR of the deal. Skin and Language Language: De tout et de rien!

View Board This menu item will open a new window with the major informations concerning a selected player on a given board. You can choose to postpone, to do it at the end of the session or immediately. All sorts of strange measurements like how good is your defence or your bidding or declarer play compared to the field and double dummy.

Simple wgridge5 with also a sorting facility. Click on flag to translate! Round of 64 they knocked off a team with some powerful Icelanders and Wbrigde5 on it.

Getting Started

The second reason is that they are better than most humans. People even used to ring me up and say. Otherwise, since about half of the deals are defensive problems, it would be hard for Jack to achieve such a high match-point percentage. Each time a new comment has been posted that you hav'nt read yet, a bubble shows up for indicating it.

Presumably NS bots are set to a higher skill level than EW bots. Newer Post Older Post Home.

The juggernaut Nickell Cayne and Monaco teams are all surviving comfortably but the 3rd seed Diamond wbfidge5 gone,beaten by the afore mentioned Chinese team. There is a dedicated tool bar for suit symbols, smileys, and font management. It seems strange that Jack is allowed to play all 4 hands. In this window, if a player pseudo is selected then this will open a information window about what have done this player on that board.

Objet du site - site purpose.

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