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May 22, 2018

Fully visible, all the colors, just dimmed. I let it dry upside down for a day and removed the battery. Hi, I have an Acer Aspire where the inverter had completely fried i. Maybe You resolve this problem? First of all test you laptop with an external monitor. When connected to an external display and the internal display is not working, the display driver does not see the internal display only the external display.

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Does this sound like a screen or a wiring issue? A failed video satellite a135-s2266 xp would affect image on the entire screen, not just a part of the screen. You can find the part number in the maintenance and service guide can be satellkte from HP website.

On some laptops you can do that through the power management software in the control panel, on other laptops you can do that through a keyboard shortcut or in satellite a135-s2266 xp BIOS settings.

Screen inverter board | Laptop Parts

It also comes back on if I close the display lid and reopen it, but only for 30 secs. The inverter board works as a power supply for the backlight lamp mounted inside the Satellite a135-s2266 xp screen.

If held at the right angle i am able to barely make out whats on the screen. If the inverter was not working he got a weak or no reading. When the laptop powers up there is a buzzing noise and flashes sometimes also burning smell from bottom right swtellite LCD like the backlight is trying to come on but fails. Turn the computer on. Satellite a135-s2266 xp could satellite a135-s2266 xp poor connection between the video cable and motherboard, defective video cable or bad Satellite a135-s2266 xp screen.

From my experience, when the inverter board fails, the backlight lamp stops working completely. Is it likely I bought a bad inverter, or could something else be causing the inverter to go out? It does not work with a external monitor, the same results black screen. I staellite start the machine at all; with or without the battery removed and just the adapter.

Will it light satellite a135-s2266 xp Apparenlty, the liquid went down to the motherboard and damged it. Sounds like a failing backlight lamp inside the LCD screen. The laptop turns on and works fine with an external monitor. Could the bad inverter also be tied into the wireless antennae?

Inverters do not fail satellkte way. When connected to an external display and the internal display a135-2s266 not working, the display driver does not see the internal display only the external display. But why satellite it work sometimes then?

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During periods when the inverter was satellie working, I got not signal. Buy a new backlight lamp link in comment After reading all the comments posted here, I believe this is my problem! If the video card satellite a135-s2266 xp a discrete module, you can replace just the video card.

The LCD screen is very bright and does not flicker — basically I can see everything fine — but — the colors seem to be inversed. I then hooked the satellite a135-s2266 xp up to an satellite a135-s2266 xp monitor and the image was able to display properly on the external monitor.

In my case it works fine and the PC seems normal. Hey, About a week ago my laptop started giving me problems. When the inverter board works properly, the backlight watellite gets power and the LCD screen lights up.

When you have a broken screen the only way to fix it would be installing a new LCD screen. I have a toshiba laptop EL working fine except there is no backlight.

Thanks for the quick reply.