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This is one area you went wrong the xbox cant handle a. Downloads you will need: Feb 1, Messages:

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You will need to copy your profile to the USB flash drive to extract it to your desktop. Remove your hard drive if you have one installed. In step 4 it is referring to your Xbox Live profile.

I can brand it as Digiex xbox tools if you want. XNA is unlikely to help you here as any XNA apps are run within a sandboxed environment and thus don't have access to any files beyond their own. Retrieved from " http: Gunz4Hire and InsaneNutter like this.

I'm not sure if the archive. This doesn't work, at least not in the ways I've tried, so next I'm going to try install the entire game to my flash drive if fuffie and attempt to traverse through the game's directory this xbix probably unlikely.

I would love to work on a project that would make it possible to let console gamers experience and enjoy all the great mods available to the PC community.

This is how your profile will get onto your computer. This has fluffue to do with running signed vs unsigned code, this has to do with modifying the data files and stuffing them back into the game. My suggestion is to look up info on Horizon and Le Fluffie as how to use them.

Xbox 360 hacks

Thanks for that, though! Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Adios to Winter Bash Open Modio, drag your profile into modio. Call of Duty and Guitar Hero are however fine. I had figured since it is relatively easy to transfer save information over from the PC at least with Skyrimit might not be a stretch to load in the references necessary to run a Skyrim mod.

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To be honest that looks really nice, if English was an optional language i'm sure it would appeal to a few people here, myself included. Jan 25, Messages: It looks like there are ways to stuff files back onto the console horizon, modio, xplorer, etc and they do require some form of signing. When you say you have 40 mods running on yours, do you mean Skyrim mods on a non-modded Xbox?

It'd be really great to get the mods with the different character models and armor pieces and to be able to mod those myself. Yeah id Use this!

Do you want to flash the Xbox compatible firmware. A full blown XBox SDK will let you do want you want but I doubt you're likely to enjoy pricetag nor is Microsoft ever likely to grant you distrobution access for such an app.

Your name or email address: You will find yourself at a dosprompt, type hddhackr and press enter. Any help or insight on the matter would be much appreciated. Due to lack of my time, i cannot do it. Feb 1, Messages: Nov 17, Messages: I believe it is possible to transfer saves between the console and the PC e.

It only has a chance of being reset to 0 gamerscore. You'll probably xnox getting an email from me soon the subject will be Skyrim Mod - funseiki:

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