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May 13, 2018

Choose Yes to engage proportional spacing ofcharacters. Clean The Housing You should clean the inside of the printer every six months or after about hours of operation. Reload your continuous forms paper. Make sure the ribbon is threaded through the indentation in eachribbon guide arm. Form Tear-OffThe default is Off. Press SEL to place the printer off-line. Have a sheet of letter size or larger paper ready to print themenu.

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Print the Menu on Single Sheets 1.

Data Present Insert Paper The printer has received data, but mifroline oki microline 8480fb no print media loaded in the selected path. The Driver Update Tool — is a utility that contains more than 27 million official drivers for all hardware, including oki microline fb driver. Set Pos you have established will be deleted.

Unpack the ribbon cartridge and remove the lock pieces 1.

oki microline 8480fb Tilt the display panel forward. The printer is set at the factory for Auto Align oki microline 8480fb. Press the SEL switch to deselect the printer. Choose where continuous form paper will be positioned when theprinter is turned on. To store the position as the 1Chr. Note Printing envelopes requires use of the sheet guide 1 insteadof the Auto Align mode.


Lift the lock lever on the left tractor, then move the left tractor to oki microline 8480fb thedesired left margin for printing.

Change it to Valid if your system uses pin 14of the parallel interface to control automatic line feed. Valid [the default] orInvalid. Page 15 Print ModesYour printer has three print modes: Push the display panel back to its original position. To print the manual completely, please, microlinf it.


Use only genuine OKI replacement ribbons. Hex Dump ModeNote When the printer is running a test, it always uses a leftmargin of 5. Press MODE repeatedly until the setting you wish to engagedisplays: This selection will then automatically appear as the setting for TOF for the oki microline 8480fb group in the Function Setting Menu.

Pull the ribbon out a bit at the left end of the cartridge to give some slack, then slide the ribbon oli oki microline 8480fb printhead.

Head ThermalSingle PassThe printhead has a thermal sensor which has detected that theprinthead is too hot.

When mlcroline mode is selected, the print appears lighter than in theNormal print mode. The most up-to-date drivers and oki microline 8480fb are available from the web site: Setting the Printhead GapGeneral InformationThe printhead gap is the distance between the printhead and theplaten.

To use this feature, you must enter the Function Settings Oki microline 8480fb and turn it on. Turn the platen knob to bring out the continuous forms.

Okidata Microline FB Ribbons

Page 48 Page WidthChoose the width of the continuous forms paper you are using: Paper EndChoose what happens when paper oki microline 8480fb is detected when you areusing manual feed from the platform: Feed the ribbon arms 1 in beside the 84800fb 2 oki microline 8480fb, position thetake-up knob 3 over the pin, then press the cartridge in firmlyat either end.

Negative values allow printing further down on the form: This utility was recognized by many users all over the world as a modern, convenient alternative to manual updating of the drivers and 84480fb received a high rating from known oki microline 8480fb publications.

Pull the ribbon out a bit at the mictoline end of the knob fits, and the guides 2 —one at either end— cartridge to give some slack, then slide the ribbon into which the ribbon arms fit.

Change Print ModeChange to NormalNote If you change the print mode while printing, the printerimmediately switches to the new print mode.