Mosaferi az hend

Other than that, in 1 episode she cooked Indian foods to Daei Jalal's family and it was too spicy to them, just like I cooked Malay foods which is spicy. This is my passion, my love. I introduced him with this food early in our relationship.

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Life as I know it. That more or less impact my desire to learn Persian poem and really I'm learning it now little by little. Sita is one true lover hsnd Ramin, she followed Ramin to Iran with big hopes and dreams. Another scene is when Simin want to run from Iran, he didnt want to go along because he said he has responsibility to help Ramin.

However, for me I think the title did not match the story much. This is my passion, my love. Sita Early in the story, I felt really close to Sita. When Arash make Farzad's step sister I forget her name cry, he got really angry and scolded Arash at his office. View my complete profile. Tonight is the longest night of the year. Knowing that she is a real Iranian, I'm amazed to her ability to speak Hindi.

Mosaferi az Hend – 01

They're all good in acting which make this drama nice. Bandar - Malay city Farsi harbour. Ancient grind 4 years ago. Mosaferi Az Hend - Review.

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He brought this for me to my office for lunch cooked by his mother But of course her vocabulary is much mosafegi than me well she is Iranian in reality. In the last episode Sita is reciting farsi poems in India. Persian Cuisine is not only foods to stuff hungry stomach, but it is an art that need to learn and practice to master. For me Farsi is a very beautiful language. Previously I always update my cooking but lately I've lost my passion.

Mosaferi Az Hend (A Voyager From India-Iranian Sound Track) by Mehdi Goorangi on Spotify

Pomegranate Pistachio Chocolate Bark 1 year ago. But Parvaneh is one good woman. A little pot with LOTS of flair! Ramin's sister, mother, Arash, Mansour and others they don't give much impact to me. After 14 episodes of maahe asal, I am addicted to this song. I love hen chadori style.

This is my story, my reference of my experience in learning Farsi and cooking Persian foods. She's not Persian but speak farsi with Hindi's accent just like me speak farsi with Malay accent, the only difference is that she can pronounce 'gh' but I can't.

I really love this drama even though the quality of videos uploaded by IranSerial is not very good. I have learned little and have lots ahead. I know somehow it didnt correctly translated but i love to put 'e' to conne Show 10 Show All. Daei Jalal Man of responsible.

Listen to Mosaferi Az Hend (A Voyager From India-Iranian Sound Track) now.

Streaming Officer Downe Movie 3 months ago. Other than that, in 1 episode she cooked Indian foods to Daei Jalal's family and it was too spicy to them, just like I cooked Malay mosafsri which is spicy.

Better to leave it alone 4 years ago.

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