Islamic studies mcqs by imtiaz shahid

We encourage visitors to the forum to report any objectionable message in site feedback. Doomsday 52 Who were those people with whom Allah was pleased and they were pleased with Him, as mentioned in the Qur'an? Monday, November 19,

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Originally Posted by Fazal Shahid salam everyone. User Name Remember Me?

Doomsday 52 Who were those people mcqd whom Allah was pleased and they were pleased with Him, as mentioned in the Qur'an? Which are those two groups? The Qur'an 10 What is the topic of the Qur'an?

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Man 11 What are the other names of the Qur'an according to the Qur'an itself? Luqman,Aziz of Egypt and Zulqarnain. Bakkah and Baladul Ameen. Everybody will be in a state of anxiety. Fazal Shahid Junior Member. Jcqs Friday,18th Ramadan,in the Cave of Hira.

Islamic Studies

Jesus[Prophet Isa Alahis salaam ] is mentioned as bn Maryam. Emerging Challenges of Supervision. That which is Read.

We encourage visitors to the forum to report any hsahid message in site feedback. Allah himself 8 What are the conditions for holding or touching the Qur'an? One has to be clean and to be with wudhu ablution 9 Which is the book which is read most?

Thursday, January 26, It is the door to the Qur'an 73 What is the Surah Chapter revealed completely and found first place in the Qur'an?

Moulana Shah Rafiuddin Muhaddis Dehlavi.

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They are tests of one's faith. Allah revealed the Qur'an 5 Through whom was the Qur'an revealed? One in Tashkent and the other in Istanbul.

Monday, November 19, Abu Lahab 46 In the Qur'an there is a mention of a Prophet who has been called by his mother's name. In the beginning of the third Part.

Chapter 82 How many different names of Allah are mentioned in the Qur'an?

Alaihis salaam b Meekaeel. Originally Posted by Fazal Shahid.

Sunday, May 14, BB code is On. Nabi Prophet and Rasool Messenger. A breif history about Museum. Piety 60 What according to the Qur'an is the root cause of the evil?

Companions of Prophet Muhammed.

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