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May 17, 2018

When installing Setpoint, the behaviour is destroyed, and there is only a silly option to launch a browser instance and go to a search page. The Logitech SetPoint Software lets you customize your mouse buttons, keyboard F-keys and hot-keys, control tracking speed, and configure other device-specific settings. Keyboard randomly disconnects in games Hello, I am running windows 10 pro x64 and I have a problem with my keyboard, which suddenly stops working, especially when entering a game like Rift or Skyforge. We’re glad you’re here. How about a beta release of some Windows 7 software for the QuickCam Pro? We will have software available for the Logitech G15 and G19 before the retail launch date of Windows 7, which is October Its the end of november and SetPoint 4.

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I was surprised when Windows7 simply loaded drivers it already had for my So the beneficiary will be Microsoft as they say once you have been caught once you dont ever buy again so goodbye anything branded logitech. This is probably not the 1st setpoint ver I have tried.

Main mirror Full Installer — Full-sized download, logitech y-bh52 the files for all supported devices. You logitech y-bh52 find information about our products that are supported for Windows y-b52 here: Hi Leon, You can download Windows 7 drivers here: Are there any drivers to fix this? I managed to work around the problem by unplugging the Logitech keyboard and mouse and logotech in an old Dell wired keyboard.

Hi abulaafia, You can logitech y-bh52 SetPoint 4.

It can also notify you of your device’s battery status, and whether Caps Lock and Num Lock are on. The only thing that works is the g15 keyboard. Keyboard randomly disconnects in games Hello, I am logitech y-bh52 windows 10 pro x64 and I have a problem logittech my keyboard, which suddenly stops working, especially when entering logitech y-bh52 game like Rift or Skyforge.

To determine your operating system: Windows 10 pro x64 CPU: Got a new Logitech Classic keyboard to go with it. I logitech y-bh52 uninstalling drivers, restarting computer with no logitech y-bh52.

Logitech support just notified me that my Bluetooth V mouse is not compatible with Win7. Get tech support here. That is just totally counter productive and makes no sense at all.

Windows 10: Keyboard randomly disconnects in games

Also, nobody should be surprised when Microsoft mice and keyboards are well-supported lgitech Win7 RC — the drivers and the OS itself are, after all, coming from the logitech y-bh52 folks… Also, to the guy encountering keyboard problems at BIOS: Typically it is the numlock key, the o, the down arrow, and Logitech y-bh52 suppose some others I have not tried. If you’re having trouble with the Smart Installer, try downloading the Full Installer package.

About Us Windows 10 Forums is an independent web site logietch has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation. With the keyboard and mouse plugged in to a USB port, Windows logitech y-bh52 hang. We’re glad you’re here. Also, to the guy encountering logitech y-bh52 problems at BIOS: Any chance that I can get the functions back on the extra keys and buttons?

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Configuration support added for new products. The only side effect I have had is when you physically disconnect the keyboard and move it logitech y-bh52 another USB port.

I am off to get some other product that is more in line with the Windows concept of upward compatability!! Each time I have to reboot, the kb works for a while, logitech y-bh52 then I get the same problem. I already installed SetPoint and logitech y-bh52 problem persists. And the V only has the normal two buttons!

Logitech Keyboards — Download Drivers

logitech y-bh52 This is hardly the customer support I have come to expect from Logitecc Shame, shame, Logitech. Thus, the logitech y-bh52 versions of SetPoint for Windows Vista are essentially beta versions of our upcoming drivers for Windows 7.

Universal Scroll with Setpoint 4. Almost never would I logitech y-bh52 to launch a new browser instance, because there are tabbed windows in all modern browser.

It worked great in Windows XP.