Ps3 save resigner

Just one tip regarding Step 3: The map and properties you unlocked in GTA V? Ok - two things that were not made clear in the article which was otherwise very well written. If so, how do I fix it?

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Ps3 save resigner - NextGenUpdate

Your email address will not be published. For those trying to use the program: If so, how do I fix it? I tried this with mortal kombat but the game still detected that it wasnt my save. So I canceled though figuring newer was better. By default this creates a folder in your home directory.

I take that back, 4 failed but one did not. Discussion in ' Playstation 3 Guides ' started by seanpr92Jan 6, They are signed with a key from your PlayStation, like a certificate of identification. The link for the PS3 Save Resigner is either outdated or does pps3 work anymore: Have to find it elsewhere.

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Download and install Aldos PS3 Tools. It does it on gta 5 too nothing has worked yet its it the pfd tool? I made all u said in the tutorial and my GTA IV imported save game looks normal on PS3 resignsr, but it just doesnt appear in tha game, it doesnt auto load and dont show up in load games in the game.

Luckily, Sony made it really easy and user-serviceable to upgrade the Stay px3 by joining our newsletter! Thank you a lot!!! Clean slate, working up to your earlier level of completion.

Basically, we will modify the downloaded save game so it looks resjgner it came from your PlayStation 3 all along. I bookmark the page for future use!

I retried the method and this time it didn't freeze but it shows invalid save on the game. Aldos tools links aren't working pls help. While copying saves I have the message: It still won't let me save since it's from other people's saved games.

How to resign Ps3 save games using save resign noob proof

When I accidentally turned off the power supply before the Ssave finished turning off, my saves were damaged and lost a lot of Batman Lego progress, all "medals" on Heavenly Sword, my Ninja Gaiden saves: You can find this region code on the side of the game case.

I was able to successfully complete the procedure and copy the save to my PS3 but when I start the game, the game freezes on the logo of Ubisoft Ok, I followed the steps successfully and the save works as in the PS3 recognizes it and loads it sabe, however when I try to load the save the game freezes immediately after.

In this folder, save games are grouped per game, each in a folder with the game code. Well I can't figure it out I did it step by step and it still won't allow me to save on skyrim.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below the savr It needs to have come from the same account on the same PS3. If you go back to step 3 of this guide right now, it should work like a charm.

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What do I do? Playstation support hand me delete five years of game saves during a call to them for a simple procedure and I can't get them back and only had some backed up so I really want to use this. Will they automatically show up or how does that work??

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