Ni manasu naku telusu

The same set of vocalists were used for the Tamil version, except for two songs. Jothi Krishna - son of the popular producer AM Rathnam - made his debut as director. But this time, the girl has a small baby and the boy has a beautiful damsel sitting beside him. Sridhar comes to know that Preeti was about to join in degree college and Preeti learns that he was a final year degree student.

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Yes no vulgarity and no violence Banner: The aerial shots in the song 'Kalusukundama' is very impressive for an Indian film. We use cookies for marketing and to give you the best experience. The best song in this film is 'Askava' song.

Nee Manasu Naaku Telusu Hotshot heroine Hi is reduced to a meaningless role in this film. She looks cool in traditional appearance and meaningful scenes.

Climax of the film is satisfactory.

TELUGU LYRIKS: Nee Manasu Naku Telusu.. Music by Lyrics by hawaiirealestatesales.usm..

This song marked Shreya Ghoshal's first collaboration with Rahman. Sridhar's friends participate in an inter-college football match and win the cup. Tarun Shriya Saran Trisha Krishnan. Retrieved from " https: But contrary to it, the lovers fail to read what is there in the other heart's when they meet each other for second time.

But there is a liberal dosage of double entendres to telusj an extent that you find lots of scenes where audio is erased due to censor's objection. Movie review - Nee Manasu Naaku Telusu.

Nee Manasu Naaku Telusu - Wikipedia

A Jothi Krishna Release date: Photo Gallery Audio Function. Tanikella Bharani is good as father of heroine.

KarthikGopika Poornima. Artists Performance Tarun did well.

Trisha is lovable and cute. Actress Reema Sen did a cameo in climax.

Nee Manasu Naaku Telusu Lyrics

Add genres as tags to help organize the songbook for others. Before his return, Sridhar's mother suffers yet another heart attack and Preeti's father admits her in the hospital.

This page was last edited on 2 Novemberat Sriram Parthasarathy was replaced by Srinivas in the Tamil version of the song "Masthura", titled Asathura. Views Read Edit View history.

Sunil is OK as comedian. Report Community Violation Copyright Infringement.

Screenplay - dialogues - direction: The song 'Kalusukundama' is very poetic and possess lots of aesthetic value. AM Ratnam Dialogues - direction: Chinmayi, ManoUnnikrishnan. This film's openings on 1st day are terrific. There is grandeur in the canning of scenes. Please try again later.

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