Babul mora naihar chooto hi jaye

Thanks for writing this. Total number of songs posts discussed It took Lachchu Maharaj five days to choreograph the number. Tougher to get him to sit down and learn but, he has excellent ears. Babul mora and Soja rajkumari are fascinating songs - all time greats.

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Email required Address never made public. Or a patron of arts and intellectuals?

I load them merely to facilitate access; they are not downloadable. They say that Nero fiddled while Rome burnt. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Jayanthi Runa Laina R. However, I had no inkling of the composition being made by Wajid Ali Shah, who was otherwise busy in his Parikhana.

The Navab was, towards his end, deported from his state by the British and he led his later part of life in Calcutta. Innovation is a creative process that needs to be hands of experts, ones who have cultivated a strong understanding of the current and alternative forms. This is Bhairavi in despair, exquisite and memorable.

The short lived people of Puthooram Veedu When my good friend Premnath sent me details of a recent article in Manorama about Unniyarcha an He was a great poet, singer and actor.

The lyrics mean roughly - The rough translation the song can be a metaphor for a wedding as well as funeral procession.

Even when he ascended the throne, much of the kingdom chooot already under the hands of the British. Two major divisions of the genre are Lucknowi and Banarasi.

Wajid Ali Shah was distrait.

Retrieved from " https: Historians today are looking with a more kindly eye at him. Though there should not be any comparison; yet what Anil Biwas once said while discussing this grand melody made me speachless.

11 Babul Mora Naihar-Wajid Ali Shah-Bhairavi-Thumri-Bhimsen Joshi

This song was one of my father's favourites - and therefore ours too - and I enjoyed reading its history. I never imagined that you could be so well versed in Hindusthani music as well. February 8, at 3: It was a rag tag conglomerate after the decline of the Mughals.

However his passion was not for statecraft but for the arts.

The Story of Babul Mora

The music of Karnatic tradition is more than singing kirtanams. Unfortunately during those quick trips, history was not my interest, but I was more interested in working out a working relationship with a key client, UPSEB or Uttar Pradesh State electricity board. Wajid Ali Shah was most unfortunate to have ascended the throne of Oudh at a time when as somebody else wrote the British East India Company was determined to grab the coveted throne of prosperous Cuooto, which was "the garden, granary, and bavul of India", though before Britain came into full control, his predecessors and successors were one of the major threats to the Mughal Empire.

For the audience that includes me too — it is the song that is the gateway to the ragam and I do realize that it needs to be the other way around.


Hi, Wajid Ali Bzbul was the last Nawab of Chopto, he loved music and composed this Thumri in a dismayed mood as he was exiled to Calcutta by Britishers. Kerala had one as well, and the minds of people warm u February 10, at 1: The song played over and over in my mind for a long time since then, taking me back to memories of many more favorites by Saigal and Mukesh.

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And what a wonderful story!

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