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Automatically share your activity on Facebook. Scott Barrow born August, 21st, [citation needed] Campbelltown, Sydney , better known by his stage name Emcee Kerser or just simply Kerser , is an Australian rapper. Its all out and its going around Its the only reason why I put the bottle down They will never understand, I'm the way that I am Until they do I guess I'm gonna have to say it again I try, fly by, but my mind is side swiped At night night, I fight fight and bye bye I try hard but I can't escape I'm so real, too real, nah I can't be fake.

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Always play videos fullscreen. You can't really blame them, as anyone standing directly below the balcony were at risk of being showered in spit.

At the moment its the truth I'mma speak it Tell the truth I'm too scared to release it That kinda contradicts my other tracks I do know Call me a liar I ain't spih what to do bro Never happy deep down I'm fucked up Bud puffed, drugs tucked, left side, lung crushed Thats enough to make me quit right there, You would think so but to quit I swear. Otherwise, the kersfr audience had only one complaint; that Kersers set wasn't long enough!

Way 2 Hi Up - Kerser - Ouvir Música Ver A Letra No Kboing

We have emailed you a change of email request. Kerser - Live Spitviews. Do The Kers Kerser, With lyrics on screen. Yeah, it's been a minute This action cannot be undone! Kerser - Scott VS Kers 1, views.

To live, to listen, to learn. Im fucking so lost I dont know whats what Day by day i live for kers Im feelling like now scots lost But this is scot right Or just scared of the spotlight Living like hes livin Everyday im feeling scot hides But thats it i mean its sure to hurt Kind of making sense why they fucking call you kers, reverse Lyrics powered by www. Wearing a matching pill shirt and shorts combo and white kicks with light up soles, Kerser seemed to look around the packed room in awe, taking a moment to absorb the enormity of the movement he has created.

If you haven't heard of Kerser by now, you must have been hiding under a rock. I would have to change my life and get the fuck away Tomorrow ain't exciting man its just another fucking day I'm skin and bones, I'm a motherfucking wreck shit I meant to let 'em know that I will never tread quick Cause I'm scared I ain't feeling like I'm better yet I'm walking slow and its getting worse with every step I run away and meet the front of a train The side covered in stains, I'm high and nothing remains, nah.

Kerser - Live Spit

Yeah, just gonna let it all out on this one Its not all fun and games This is peoples lives This is my life. Yeah, and I find it ironic That the higher I get The lower I'm digging myself in a hole Its funny that Yeah come outside aye But as soon as, as soon as fucking australian idol Fuck me dead, australian idol cunt. A token bra was thrown onto the stage, but krrser fans will have to come up with new ways to impress; because what once might have been a thrilling experience for a young pive and coming star, is now a regular everyday occurrence for Kerser.

Edit Profile View as Public Logout. Please activate your account by clicking the link in the welcome email we've just sent you. Scott Barrow born August, 21st, [citation needed] Campbelltown, Sydneybetter known by his stage name Emcee Kerser or just simply Kerseris an Australian rapper. Please select a valid image file.

Live Spit lyrics

Let us know your feedback so we can evolve keeser improve. Kers Kerser Shazams. And the high school dropout has no shame in boasting about his influential profile or new found material wealth; it's a metaphorical kick in the teeth to anyone who ever doubted him.

With his fifth album, Next Kersed the first album to be released under ABK Records entering the ARIA charts at number five, ahead of pop princess Kylie Minogue, Kerser is definitely reaping the rewards of his relentless motivation and unwavering work ethic.

Kerser Way 2 Hi Up. To watch videos non-fullscreen: The one to make it better Youre a fucking joke admitt it Kerser one im signing out ill end with the sickest dickhead! The Hifi Bar in West End was always home to Kerser's annual tour, but after packing out the Eatons Hill Hotel ballroom, which is almost double the capacity, the need for the location change was highly apparent.

It is obvious that his staunchly loyal fan base are rapidly growing in numbers; an incredible achievement for the self-made rapper who grew up in one of Sydney's roughest neighbourhoods.

There were splt few disgruntled hip hop heads in the audience that weren't so happy with the idea of sharing the event with the U18's, who were restricted to the mezzanine floor. No ones out here Are you alone? Music for your Website.

Laughing it off, he humbly carried on like a true professional. The controversial hip-hop artist has been slogging away at the rap game for a few years now, using only social media to promote his music.

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